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Whitening Treatment

Optional Course Using the latest gel from America,we whiten your teeth without aggression,fast.

Apart from the basic courses and packages,
we propose optional courses to those who seek always more whiteness.

Air Flow stain removal tooth shampoo Removal of coffee and wine stains.

For those who care about the discoloration of their teeth.
We spray high pressurized water, air and powder in between the teeth and clean the dirt of the periodontal pocket.
The dental plaque, tea and tobacco incrustations are removed completely.

Front teeth only 30 min¥3,500 (tax included) All teeth 60 min ¥6,000 (tax included)

PMTC professional mechanical tooth cleaning tooth treatment Polish your feet today,keep them beautiful ever after.

The preventive maintenance (PMTC) is a teeth polishing program utilizing dedicated equipment, materials and techniques.
At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, we thoroughly polish the surface of your teeth over a period of 60 minutes.

A treatment agent is applied to the tooth and we thoroughly polish its surface using a dedicated instrument.
After the treatment, your teeth feel smooth and glittering!

All teeth 60 min ¥8,640 (tax included) ※Air flow included

Scaling tartar removal Plaque removal,cavity and periodontitis prevention.

Provided by health insurance

If the dental plaque is left as it is, it will solidify like a stone on the teeth surfaces and in between teeth and gums.
Tartar cannot be removed without the use of dentistry instruments.
Since dental tartar is the main cause for cavity occurrence and periodontal disease, dental hygienists thoroughly clean your teeth.

※Please refer to the staff for details concerning dental care provided by health insurance.

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