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Dental services

Treatment Process

Treatment Process

Treatment subject

We offer the following course of treatments in our clinic.


Whitening Treatment Live with whiter teeth,Live more beautiful

We offer the latest whitening technology introduced in America, fitting the needs and lifestyles of all patients. This is our original USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE whitening package introduced at a reasonable price for your complete satisfaction.

Esthetic dentistry
Esthetic dentistry

The particularity of USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE is the adjoin connection with dental technicians of the “World Lab”. The “World lab”, located in different countries around the world gathers a world-class team of technicians striving to offer top quality treatment and service to our patients. They pursue the natural combination of state of the art fillings and crowns design techniques with esthetic standards into one unique product. All procedures can be ready in a short period of time, so you won’t have to wait.


At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, our dental surgeons are specialists in the most recent dental implant technologies. We answer to the needs of patients from all generations, from the elder to the youngest patients in their 20’s.

Periodontal disease treatment
Periodontal disease treatment

Because periodontal disease is responsible for bad breath and loosening of teeth, it requires immediate treatment. At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, we aim at providing a complete treatment plan for lasting effects.

preventive maintenance(PMTC)
Preventive maintenance(PMTC)

Preventive dentistry aims at the preservation of your oral health for your entire life.
Prevention can help children maintaining a perfect oral health with no cavities at all. For adults, it consists in improving preventive measures against cavities, progression of periodontal disease, bad breath and stained teeth while maintaining in good shape formerly treated areas.


Appointments/Contact us


Japanese health insurance only is accepted.

Consultation hours

Monday-Friday,weekends and public holidays. 9:00〜13:00(Reception until 12:00 )/15:00〜19:00( Reception until 18:00 )


Daiwa Meguro Square 1F, 1-6-17 Meguro,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 〒 153-0063

Sterilization area 

Following the standard precaution of the CDC guidelines, we adopt world standard sterilization measures.

Patients rights and responsibilities 

See our policy concerning your rights and responsibilities.

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