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Dental Implant

Dental Implant At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE,we use exclusively the most advanced techniques that you can trust in complete peace of mind,offering you real satisfaction after treatment,all for the betterment of your very own lifestyle.

Implant surgery

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You can see in the video on the left a dental implant procedure at USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE.

We use a leading technology of implants, also called “3rd tooth”, which succeeded in achieving everlasting durability and restoration of the natural function and appearance of an original tooth. Our implant specialists will be happy to provide you with the most effective method of treatment in order to compensate for your lost tooth.

Secure implant surgery -the reasons of safety

The implant system we use

In our clinic, we use Brånemark implants from Nobel Biocare (Sweden), which is the most trusted implant maker in the world. Nobel Biocare was founded by the famous Nobel Prize Mr. Alfred Nobel, who created the Brånemark system, the world's first titanium implants. Nobel biocare has constantly evolved in its history of implant maker during the last 45 years, and is now the No1 brand in terms of security and reliability, trusted in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Result: cases show 98.5% of the patients are satisfied, for more than 96% of the implants last over a 10 year span.
This system demonstrated it can combine total comfort with durability over an extended period of time.

All for the best implant procedure

In order to perform the procedure in the cleanest environment possible, we have equipped the private operating room with a dedicated air cleaning device. Clean air passing through a special air filter (high-performance super bio filter) installed in the ceiling directly creates a rectified air barrier, providing a cleaner environment for implant surgeries. Equipment used is of course fully sterilized. As to furthermore ensure the safety of our patients, we thoroughly supervise the hygiene in our clinic.

CT 3D system for examination -diagnosis

This system is necessary to give us more insight into the jaw bones, for a more accurate surgery. CT stands for (computer tomography), and is a device that allows to see the body in round slices cross-sections (cross-sectional images) using a computer and X ray. Starting from the cross-sectional images, it is possible to check the form, size, position of nerves and blood vessels of the jaw bones.

In our clinic, we will plan the most precise treatment through the detailed examination of your jaws using the CT three-dimensional system.
This device is most essential for carrying out the safest and most reliable treatment possible.

A surgery performed by specialists

Our implant specialists are officially recognized in Japan and certified by the "Japanese Society of Dental Implantology". This qualification is granted only to practitioners who have seen their academic thesis published, have a training record in specific institutions, passed the specialist test, and fulfilled other conditions such as presenting relevant cases they worked on. There are currently 400 certified surgeons in Japan. We hope this qualification can work on providing you with trust for your implant procedure.

Steps of a dental implant procedure

Step.1 in clinic

Consultation(free counseling included)

We want to inquire for your personal information, such as your present concerns and requests, and look into your medical history. This will take only 30-60 minutes of your time.
In addition, this will help us plan a more adequate therapeutic strategy for you, based on your possibilities for length of treatment, number of visits and appointment schedule.
A second opinion is also available at any time.
Moreover, we send a request for a second opinion to another hospital. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step.2 in clinic

Detailed examination

There are as many different mouths as there are faces and personalities.
The detailed examination of your overall oral health, including bite, periodontal disease, relationship between face and mouth, eyes, mouth and ears, the position of the jaw, and the relationship between lips and teeth can help design the perfect plan of treatment customized to your individual condition.
In order to bring you the best treatment available, we hope you understand the short time needed to get through this procedure.

Step.3 in clinic

We explain you every step of the examination results,method of treatment,cost

We present you various methods of treatment, based on your diagnosis results and counseling report. Advantages of each method are explained to you. Next, you choose the one that suits you best.
You can ask questions on anything in our clinic for your complete understanding, because we believe a treatment cannot progress without a true relationship of trust.

Step.4 in clinic

Surgical operation starts

In order to practice safe and reliable intervention, as well as minimize any discomfort during the procedure, we first complete initial treatments such as tooth extraction, fixing of false teeth and dentures, periodontal therapy, and cavities fixing as necessary, opening the way for implant specialists to perform the operation based on the simulation process.

Step.5 in clinic


Dental care is not only important after an implant surgery, but is necessary in all aspects of modern’s dental therapies. Therefore, because your implant is different from a natural tooth, it is important for you to consult with our specialists and follow the maintenance program appropriate to your situation, which will also allow you to feel comfortable with it for a longer period of time.

Treatments price lists

Invisible back tooth at reasonable price

Number Price
Surgery cost - ¥54,000
Implant(s) 1 ¥162,000
False tooth (TEK) 1 ¥10,800
Abutment 1 ¥86,400
Crown 1 ¥64,800
Total - ¥378,000

Zirconia-made anterior tooth for cosmetic restoration

Number Price
Surgery cost - ¥54,000
Implant(s) 1 ¥194,400
False tooth (TEK) 1 ¥10,800
Zirconia abutment
1 ¥108,000
Ceramic tooth 1 ¥135,000
Total - ¥502,200

2 back teeth for a stronger bite

Number Price
Surgery cost - ¥108,000
Implant(s) 2 ¥324,000
False tooth (TEK) 2 ¥10,800
Abutment 2 ¥216,000
Crown 2 ¥237,600
Total - ¥896,400

For your comfort and peace of mind,only the best specialists in the latest implant technologies perform surgeries at USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE.Please feel free to contact us for further details.


Appointments/Contact us


Japanese health insurance only is accepted.

Consultation hours

Monday-Friday,weekends and public holidays. 9:00〜13:00(Reception until 12:00 )/15:00〜19:00( Reception until 18:00 )


Daiwa Meguro Square 1F, 1-6-17 Meguro,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 〒 153-0063

Sterilization area 

Following the standard precaution of the CDC guidelines, we adopt world standard sterilization measures.

Patients rights and responsibilities 

See our policy concerning your rights and responsibilities.

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