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Esthetic Dentistry

Esthetic Dentistry Surgical operation focusing on the beauty of your mouth.We think in terms of balance for your teeth color,shape and alignment.Esthetic dentistry is the field of dentistry that aims at perfecting the beauty of your mouth.

What is esthetic dentistry?

At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, in order to bring our patients the best dental care with total peace of mind, we let you picture the procedure as a whole, consisting in the evolution between the pre-treatment and post-treatment state before we commence any course of treatment.
In addition, you can voice your opinions and demands to the dental technicians in the in-house dental laboratory "World Lab" that creates ceramic implants, zirconia bridges and dentures. We primarily practice made-to-order esthetic dentistry.
Such circumstances allow us to offer in one day the perfect esthetic treatment, so please contact us if you are interested in making an order.

Click here for more details on the World Lab(company site)


We use the highest quality of ceramic "all-ceramic" for the hand-making of our fine crowns by ceramic experts "Ceramists".
The fine ceramic color doesn’t fade or darken over time, and have the same shade as that of your natural teeth, while remaining completely gums aggression free.
The ceramic features a natural light permeability resulting in its beautiful aspect. Because it does not contain metal, it is completely allergy free.
All-ceramic treatments offer a variation of ceramic crowns (e-max), Zirconia crowns (PFZ), laminate veneers, ceramic inlays, and after consultation with a dental surgeon, our patients can pick the most suitable option, capitalizing on the characteristics of each product.

All-ceramic crown(e-max)

~Staining and Layering method by e-max system~
Specialists in ceramic teeth called Ceramists will personally take your inquiries and ask your preferences, then photograph the color of your teeth using an high-end camera and blend together over a 100 ceramic powder shades to realize a highly esthetic "full custom-made" crown.

Case showing a wish to improve the maxillary anterior teeth appearance
Brightness is natural, slight increase in saturation, natural-looking finish with transparency feel, well-balanced appearance

Zirconia ceramic crown

We frame the tooth using zirconia, on top of which we put a ceramic cover. Strength obtained with a zirconia structure is higher compared with that of an all-ceramic crown. It is characterized in terms of strength compared to the all-ceramic and is perfect for a wide range of applications such as bridges connecting back teeth or multiple teeth.
Zirconia (zirconium dioxide, chemical formula: ZrO2) is a material similar to diamond, having the same strength and beauty while sharing the same chemical elements with the man-made zircon diamond. It is said to have the highest strength and heat-resisting property among ceramic materials, and is even used as a component in space shuttles. Zirconia is also almost corrosion-proof, and because of its excellent biocompatibility, it is widely used in the medical field, such as for artificial joints.
Even so, because the implementation of zirconia in treatments requires expensive equipment and dedicated technology, few clinics work with it.

Broken after restoration in another clinic, came at the institute for a second restoration.
Difficult esthetic case presenting a challenge in harmonizing the form and texture of one of the anterior teeth.
Starting from the broken veneer state, results proved satisfactory when using a zirconia crown combining strength and aesthetics.
Woman in her 20s dissatisfied with the esthetic operation of her 4 anterior teeth conducted at another clinic.
The 4 crowns were put without connections in between, forming a cute, rounded and feminine smile.

Laminate veneer

Laminate veneer is the answer for those who feel concerned about the color of their front teeth, a gap between them or look for a better balance in shape, or for those who wish to correct the alignment of their teeth but cannot undergo an orthodontic treatment for various reasons.
The laminate veneer method consists in slightly shaving the surface of the tooth, making it alike the surface of a “nail”, then fixing on top of the front natural tooth a thin ceramic cover that will perfect its appearance by reproducing its ideal color, size and shape. To minimize the damage done to the natural teeth, we display a real natural finish. Although a small amount of the tooth is shaved, there is practically no difference in color or discoloration after treatment in comparison with a whitening.

The patient cannot put braces but wish to reduce the space between the anterior teeth.
This case emphasized on the details to hide the gap between the front teeth and make a more manly appearance, while whitening the teeth, all in the most natural texture and light yellowish tint.

Ceramic inlay

We replace in full ceramic the metal restorations on your back teeth that easily standout or when you cannot have metal inlays due to allergy.
Ceramic inlays (e-max) are the highest quality ceramic restorations, having the most suitable strength and show no discoloration. Clinical tests show stable results in the advantage of the ceramic physical properties that are close to those of natural teeth. It is a material of great technical progress and satisfactory adaptability, most fit for esthetic and cosmetic treatments.
While it is still possible to use resin-based material for creating white teeth, it has drawbacks such as discoloration and significant wear over time, and can not be recommended for the back teeth in terms of durability.

Treatment after cavity occurrence between two teeth.
We removed the cavity then put a ceramic inlay restoration that matches the natural color of the tooth, making it look alike the original one. The difference is best understood by comparison with the adjacent gold inlays.
  • Whitening Treatment
  • Preventive Dentistry


Appointments/Contact us


Japanese health insurance only is accepted.

Consultation hours

Monday-Friday,weekends and public holidays. 9:00〜13:00(Reception until 12:00 )/15:00〜19:00( Reception until 18:00 )


Daiwa Meguro Square 1F, 1-6-17 Meguro,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 〒 153-0063

Sterilization area 

Following the standard precaution of the CDC guidelines, we adopt world standard sterilization measures.

Patients rights and responsibilities 

See our policy concerning your rights and responsibilities.

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