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Patients rights and responsibilities

Tokushinkai Group's commitment charter

Tokushinkai Group defines its values and the following article on the "Patient’s Bill of Rights" (Lisbon, 1981, revised in 2005), Declaration adopted by the World Medical Association. We believe that in our profession, it is impossible to provide the best medical care to our patients if there is no relationship of trust between the physician and his patient. Thus, in order to provide the best treatment options to everyone based on satisfaction and mutual understanding, we kindly ask you to take note of your rights and responsibilities.


  1. We pledge to respect the dignity of each patient and to provide the same quality of treatment to all, fair and appropriate.
  2. You have the right to receive all information necessary to the full understanding of your treatment, explained in a clear and easy to understand way.
  3. After receiving all the detailed explanations concerning the implementation and application of your treatment, you have the right to choose the methods of both your main treatment and that of your follow-up (preventive dentistry / maintenance).
  4. If a minor or adult patient is in need to consult a practitioner to proceed to the decisions of his treatment, the parents or legal guardian have the right to give any help or information necessary to assist him in his approach.
  5. You have full right to consult the views of other practitioners in order to give them assistance in their decision process regarding the treatment and follow-up choices.
  6. In order to preserve the health of each patient, you have the right to benefit from the follow-up of your treatment and maintenance of your equipment with our dental surgeons and specialized practitioners.
  7. You have the right to the protection of personal data as part of medical confidentiality.
  8. You have the right to request for the consultation of your medical record.
  9. You have the right to forward your views and requests in our clinic. We hope by this process to remedy for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction.


  1. Our motto at Tokushinkai Group is the patient's health. Therefore, in addition to receiving dental care, you are asked to understand at best the policy and practices of our clinic.
  2. You have the responsibility to not inconvenience other patients
  3. For your treatment and follow-up be done at best, you have the responsibility to provide honest and accurate information about your medical history and current health status.
  4. For your treatment to proceed smoothly and without incident towards completion, daily care at home is essential. Therefore, you have the responsibility to adhere to regular home oral health care recommendations delivered in clinic.
  5. As regards of medical insurance, under certain circumstances we may not be able to meet every need of our patients concerning the treatment and follow-ups coverage. We put all our efforts, however, to provide the best possible dental care and treatment to all, whatever your situation or insurance coverage may be, although we are sometimes limited in our actions by the law and health insurance system of our state.
  6. The staff will give you as clear guidance as possible about treatments covered or not by your health insurance. The final choice for treatment and its follow-up remains to the patient, the child's parents or legal guardian to assume its full responsibility.
  7. If you wish to undergo a treatment that is not covered by your health insurance, and that this decision would be opposed to the usual procedure, there may be need for the authorization of the dental surgeon, whose agreement is not guaranteed.
  8. You have the responsibility to promptly notify the staff in charge if you wish to change the treatment plan prior to its introduction or during its execution.
  9. You have the responsibility to proceed with payment in a timely manner if you have agreed to the signing of the consent form and have already been provided with dental care.
  10. You are expected to cooperate in our fight against infection in the clinic, which we strive to maintain fully sterile by using the most advanced equipment and latest technologies.
  11. Your dental health is changing and evolving every day. Therefore, to maintain its healthy environment, you are expected to attend a periodic follow-up even after treatment.


Dental services

Appointments/Contact us


Japanese health insurance only is accepted.

Consultation hours

Monday-Friday,weekends and public holidays. 9:00〜13:00(Reception until 12:00 )/15:00〜19:00( Reception until 18:00 )


Daiwa Meguro Square 1F, 1-6-17 Meguro,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 〒 153-0063

Sterilization area 

Following the standard precaution of the CDC guidelines, we adopt world standard sterilization measures.

Patients rights and responsibilities 

See our policy concerning your rights and responsibilities.

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