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At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE,our dental specialist team offers our patients the optimum theatment plan that best suits your mouth condition and answers your wishes.

We strive to offer a high sentiment of satisfaction for our patients,based on a treatment process you will trust and go through in total peace of mind.


USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE takes care of all aspects of your dental treatment.

The ‘total coordination’ notion is about presenting our patients the optimum choices and techniques of treatment available, while making you fully aware of the possibilities, not only to fix the current problems of your teeth, but also facing towards the future evolution of your mouth health, thus setting up together the best treatment plan possible for your total satisfaction and peace of mind.
We do not only offer dental care, but a full personalized oral health care treatment.

Private atmosphere waiting room

Private atmosphere waiting room


At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, in order to provide our patients with the highest-quality dental treatment, a full sterilization system has been introduced into our modern facilities along with the latest micro-scope technology.

Full sterilization

Full sterilization system

Full sterilization systemPrevention of infections is based on the standard preventive measures (Standard Precautions), and in order for all our patients to undergo dental care with complete peace of mind, we prepare the safest and most secure equipment.

Dental services

At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, we will consider everything to provide the most appropriate treatment plan for your mouth health and beauty. In addition to common dental care such as fixing cavities and other required interventions, esthetic dentistry is to be thought of a perfect combination of prevention and beauty treatment. For your better understanding, please take a look at the detailed treatment explanations.




At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, our dental surgeons are specialists in the most recent dental implant technologies. We answer to the needs of patients from all generations, from the elder to the youngest patients in their 20’s.



The world's highest quality technical material handled at USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE is provided from the World Lab Ultimate Styles in the United States.



We offer the latest whitening technology introduced in America, fitting the needs and lifestyles of all patients. This is our original USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE whitening package.



The preventive maintenance (PMTC) is a teeth polishing program utilizing dedicated equipment, materials and techniques.
At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE, we thoroughly polish the surface of your teeth over a period of 60 minutes.

At USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE,our research laboratory consists of 4 teams working to provide state-of-the-art dental technology to our patients.

Medical Department :
USTIINY’s staff

Medical specialists, dental hygienists and dental technicians work together to provide high-quality treatment.

Technology Department :
Lab center

Crowns and fillings required by our patients are manufactured here by expert engineers.

Research and Training Division :

Medical specialists, dental hygienists and dental technicians dispatch inside and outside the country the latest technologies and learn the most advanced techniques available.

Management Division :
Tokushinkai Group Tokyo headquarters

In charge of customer service, medical care, dental technicians and training departments support

Situated at Meguro Place Tower, USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE provides full backup for patients treatment founded on the philosophy of TOKUSHINKAI Group. The professional staff "World Lab" has been linked right next to the clinic. In addition, there is an advanced medical research laboratory on the 12th floor of the building, where the personnel can keep up to date with the latest and leading medical technologies. On the 14th floor, the management division team ‘general staff’ strives to improve overall service quality. Our vision of dentistry and service at USTIINY DENTAL INSTITUTE is born based on these principles.

Dental services

Appointments/Contact us


Japanese health insurance only is accepted.

Consultation hours

closed friday9:00〜13:00(Reception until 12:00 )/15:00〜19:00( Reception until 18:00 )


Daiwa Meguro Square 1F, 1-6-17 Meguro,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 〒 153-0063

Sterilization area 

Following the standard precaution of the CDC guidelines, we adopt world standard sterilization measures.

Patients rights and responsibilities 

See our policy concerning your rights and responsibilities.

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